Spectre estate


With forty levels of adrenaline-pumping action, Spectre Estate offers more opportunities to earn more cash than most other games, and the high fluidity means the rewards are also very high. Spectre Estate is building to frighten you into a blood frenzy, but it’s so enjoyable that you really won’t be running for fear. Like all of the best horror titles you play, you need to carefully think about your moves before you make them, and there are often several ways to overcome even the biggest challenges. The graphics are often just as graphic as you would expect from a title such as this, but the sound effects are genuinely frightening.

As the game progresses, your objective will become clearer as you start to discover the various symbols scattered around the land. You can use these symbols to jump from platform to platform and activate sections of the level, or you can trigger an earthquake by touching a certain symbol on the screen. The game is broken up into segments and levels, with each segment based on a location on the map, including a couple of bonus attractions you can only access if you’ve completed the previous area. Some of the levels include a trampoline that you can bounce off of to increase your chances of getting through to the next one. There are also some hidden areas where you will find a stash of weapons and items that can help you complete the levels without much trouble.

The replayability factor is high on Spectre Estate, as you can select the same images or reels over again to try them out against each other and see how well you know the course of action. The bonus features can also be played again to improve your score and unlock more features, such as the ability to activate a new segment when you fall ill while playing a reeled out segment. Even the hidden features, like the “dead grandfather” statue left in place after you dispatch your competition and the time limit is reset when you fail the last time you play the game, offer lots of variety when you need a break from the action.

When you play Spectre Estate for the first time, it offers you the chance to learn the ins and outs of its casino environment, from how to select your own set of playing cards to how to bet and even how to select a casino chair to sit down at. Beyond this, though, you’re just going to have to get a good amount of practice using the five reels (with the exception of the last one) through which you can move your virtual ball around the room and collect money for buying special items. Some of the bonus features are only available on the second try, so it makes a good deal of sense to get the hang of the controls before spending real money at the casinos.

The first time you play secure estate with the single player mode, you’ll be in for the most wagers, the highest total points, and lowest total scores possible. You can bet on the house or the four different slots, depending on what you’d like to do at the end of the game. Each round takes about ten minutes, so plan accordingly and use the bonus features to get as many spins as you possibly can. You can also increase your points by collecting all the coins on the table and on each of the five reels, although this takes a lot longer to do than simply betting the money on the slots.

There are three jackpots on the game, and they increase in size every fifteen minutes. The larger the winnings on the bowls and slots, the bigger the subsequent jackpot will be. As with any other slot machine game, there is always the chance to walk away with even more money if you hit the correct key when you play secure estate. If you do, be sure to watch for where the jackpot eventually falls down to because that’s where you can best cash in. In addition to the usual money boxes on the slots, winning big on the bowls can net you an extra million or so dollars.

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