Our 5 Key Values

  1. Valuing diversity (thoughts, styles, genders, cultures, opinions)
  2. Honesty and Integrity/Morals and Ethics
  3. Belief in the power of Love
  4. Understanding and respect for self and others
  5. Thoughtful learning

Our members are passionate about:

  • Wanting to develop A New Kind of Leadership and making a real contribution to this
  • Being a role model for A New Kind of Leadership
  • Putting the principles we develop into practice and feeding the results into the thinking on this issue
  • Continuously seeking to learn about their own strengths and development needs and how to make best use of them
  • Continuously working on maintaining self-confidence and building inner strength
  • Understanding how to manage people and organisations effectively through transition
  • Building and maintaining high trust relationships between people and organisations to enable greater integrity, effectiveness and efficiency through partnership and alliance.

‘‘It’s more than a network… it allows me to be a whole person…"

"a place to top up and build confidence…"

"a place to help me think things through with people from different organisations - where I will be held accountable for my personal development goals…"