Membership is by personal invitation to those who subscribe to our values and have personal awareness and experience of Leadership. Members are passionate about:

  • Wanting to develop A New Kind of Leadership and making a real contribution to this
  • Being a role model for A New Kind of Leadership
  • Putting the principles we develop into practice and feeding the results into the thinking on this issue.

They embrace and embody the ANKLe values of authenticity and integrity in the expression of a new kind of leadership in their everyday lives.

Advisory Board

ANKLe is organised democratically and members volunteer to be part of an Advisory Board to organise events and promote communication. The current board members are below - profiles can be viewed on Linked In...

  • Judy Oliver (founder of ANKLe)
  • Isobel Gowan
  • Maureen Silvester
  • Suzy Phillips
  • Christine Driscoll
  • Lindsay Wittenberg
  • Helen Davies
  • Angie Newman
  • Kate Griffiths
  • Julia Williams
  • Jane Holyroyd
  • Kim Eaglestone

How to Join

Annual Subscription to ANKLe is currently £120 (No VAT). It can be paid monthly by standing order. If you would like to know more, please contact the member who gave you this leaflet or click here to complete an online membership application form...

‘‘It’s more than a network… it allows me to be a whole person…"

"a place to top up and build confidence…"

"it shares the values I cherish – love and respect for self and others…"