A New Kind of Leader

Effective twenty-first century leaders:

  • Develop themselves continuously across all dimensions – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
  • Provide a thinking environment which enables people to think well and for themselves, speak and act authentically in order to resolve complex issues effectively
  • Continuously seek to learn about their own strengths and development needs and how to make best use of them
  • Continuously work on maintaining self-confidence and building inner strength
  • Understand how to manage people and organisations effectively through transition
  • Build and maintain high trust relationships between people and organisations to enable greater integrity, effectiveness and efficiency through partnership and alliance.

ANKLe is underpinned by the following approaches:

  1. The Heart of Leadership (Sabina Spencer), Margaret Wheatley
  2. Time to Think and More Time to Think (Nancy Kline)
  3. Synchronicity (Jaworski|), Senge and other leading writers relating Leadership to Neuroscience
  4. Psychometric Tools such as MBTI, OPQ etc
  5. Managing Transition (William Bridges)
  6. The Trust Effect (Larry Reynolds), Stephen and Franklin Covey

"It’s more than a network… it allows me to be a whole person…"

"a place to top up and build confidence…"

"a place to help me think things through with people from different organisations…..where I will be held accountable for my personal development goals…"